EasyEdit Viewer Packs Collection 2020 Updates (Exclusive) + for AE and Pr

EasyEdit Viewer Packs:

  1. EasyEdit Viewer Beauty Youtube Design Pack v3 21097856
  2. EasyEdit Viewer Big Pack Call-Outs V3 22637730
  3. EasyEdit Viewer Essential Stickers Library V3 21180366
  4. EasyEdit Viewer Essential Titles and Lower Thirds V5.3 20681372
  5. EasyEdit Viewer Hyper Graphics Pack v1.5 24835354
  6. EasyEdit Viewer Instagram Stories V6 21850927 (Not Updated)
  7. EasyEdit Viewer Transitions & Typography Library (AEP Project) 22551659
  8. EasyEdit Viewer Transitions SuperCut v1.1 24022583
  9. EasyEdit Viewer Youtube Essential (AEP Projects) 21601793
  10. EasyEdit Viewer Youtube Essential Library V4 21601793

Thông tin chi tiết: https://easyedit.pro/viewer/

Link download EayEdit Viewer Packs Collection 2020 Updates (Exclusive)

Kích thước: 13 GB

Link tải Google drive: DOWNLOAD

Easyedit.pro.viewer – Crak.rar: DOWNLOAD Or DOWNLOAD

Pass giải nén: phanmemnet.com

Hướng dẫn Crak 

  • Copy thư mục “easyedit.pro.viewer – Crak” dán vào đường dẫn: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions.
  • Xong, mở AE lên, mở App load các file .install để hưởng thụ.

How to Crak 

  • Copy “easyedit.pro.viewer – Crak” Foder into: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions.
  • After that, open AE, then load .install file.

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